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One of the things that distinguish Brown University is its Open Curriculum. Students in the university are allowed to develop their personalized course of study. This allows the student to focus on studying what interests them. This approach makes the school attractive to a lot of students in the country.

When you are applying for acceptance into Brown University, you will be asked to write supplemental essays. You will be asked how the Open Curriculum system will have an impact on your educational journey and there are other prompts that you have to answer for the essays. Read on so you can get some ideas on the best way to answer them.

How to Answer Brown University Application Essay Questions

There are four essay questions that you need to answer when you are applying for entrance into Brown University. Here are ways that you can deal with the questions:

First Prompt

The first prompt starts by explaining how the Open Curriculum allows students to explore. It then asks you to name an academic field (or fields) that interests you and how you can use Open Curriculum to pursue it. You have 250 words to give your answer.

The 250 words should be more than enough to give your answer. Your essay should be made up of two parts. The first one should tackle the question of what fields of studies interest you. You should give an explanation of why that appeals to you.

The second 125-word half should explain how you can use the Open Curriculum system to pursue your chosen fields. It doesn’t have to follow that division strictly but you can use that as a guide.

Second Prompt

The second prompt is about the Brown University community. First, it explains that you can learn a lot of things from your peers just as in the classroom setting. You will be then asked to explain how you will contribute to the community.

You also have 250 words to answer this question. There are different ways that you can approach answering this prompt. One thing that you can do is to use it as an opportunity to discuss things that you have not discussed anywhere in your application yet.

If you are passionate about the environment for example and you have done volunteer work for that, this is your chance to discuss that. The 250-word allotment is also enough to use a montage approach where you can list several ways that you can contribute to the community. Just make sure that each contribution is connected to a specific value so they know what exactly are the things that you are bringing to the table.

Third Prompt

The third prompt leaves a wide room for interpretation. It asks you for a place or a community that you consider to be home. You are then asked how you think it has shaped your perspective. 

You will also have 250 words to answer this prompt. It can be a bit daunting to try and answer this, but the key here is to understand the purpose of the question. They are asking this so you can reveal more about yourself and your view of things.

Here are the steps that you can follow to answer this prompt:

  • List down all the communities that you are a part of.
  • For each community write down what problems you have solved, our impact on the community, what lesson you have learned by being part of that community and how you can apply those lessons to your life.
  • Choose a community that you feel would represent you best and build your essay around that.

A narrative structure would be the best option to use for this kind of essay since you can tell the story of how you became part of a community and your journey through it.

Fourth Prompt

For the fourth prompt, you will be asked to elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work. You will have 150 words to do that.

This is a common prompt for supplemental essays in colleges. To answer this, you should check the list of curricular activities on your application and pick the one that can yield the most in content. Write a draft of it first. Remember, you will only have 150 words to answer and so you need to make every word that you will be using count.

Now, keep in mind when choosing an activity to write about, don’t pick one that you have already mentioned somewhere else in your application. Find something else that you did which you can talk about. Don’t waste the opportunity to make yourself more interesting.

Are you still having a hard time picking an activity that you can discuss? Just remember that you should pick a topic that they cannot learn anywhere else. 

Brown University is the top school for many who value freedom and the ability to explore different fields. That’s why it’s not surprising that the competition to get in there is tough. You have to make your application stand out and be noticed by the admissions.

One way that you can be noticed is through your application essays. The tips that have been given here on how to respond to the writing prompts can help give you an idea of how you can get started with your essays. Sometimes, getting that first sentence out is the most difficult part.

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